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May 05, 2015
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There are a variety of signs and symptoms that can lead a person to booking a dental appointment. While many would agree that preventative maintenance such as regular checkups and proper daily care is the best course of action, sometimes we can overlook or neglect things.

If you experience any of the following symptoms, consider visiting your dentist. Taking care of issues early can save you money, time, and possibly pain. Remember- dentistry isn’t expensive… NEGLECT IS!

Bleeding/Sore Gums -Brushing too hard can cause your gums to be sore, but it could also indicate larger issues like gingivitis or gum disease. Watch for your gums bleeding regularly; if so, consult your dentist.

Sensitive Teeth -If drinking a cold drink makes you cringe, you may have sensitive teeth. An exposed root, worn enamel, or gum disease can be the culprits of this. There are options to help elevate this pain and make your teeth much more comfortable.

Bad Breath – What you eat is very important for this condition. Using mouthwash, flossing, and brushing your mouth fully- including your tongue, can help with this issue. If these dental care methods fail, talk to your dentist and they can provide alternative solutions.

Discolored Teeth – Drinking coffee, tea, or smoking can stain your teeth, but medication and injury can also discolor them. In this day and age, there are amazing whitening techniques available at the dentist to help restore your smile to its sparkling beauty.

Mouth is Dry – Saliva works to help prevent tooth decay by breaking down food and washing it away. Certain medications may inadvertently prevent this, however, if you are experiencing dry mouth talk with both your doctor and your dentist to find the best solution for you.

Mouth Sores – This is caused by irritation from braces, the edges of a broken tooth, or even dentures. It can be common to see cold sores, canker sores, and leukoplakia if this problem arises. It’s best to check with your experience dentist to see what they would recommend to help solve this problem before it gets worse.

Infection From an Oral Piercing – Your mouth has mountains of bacteria in it, and introducing an open wound with a mouth piercing can be dangerous. Pain, swelling, or red streaks are signs to look out for. A common ailment of an oral piercing is a fractured tooth- so be thoughtful before you sparkle your tongue with jewelry!

Toothaches – Cavities are the obvious culprit in this case, but gum disease is another problem that causes this symptom. A dentist should be consulted right away because the longer you wait the worse and more costly it will become to solve the problem. There is nothing worse than having to bare the pain of an uncomfortable tooth.

Jaw Popping/Clicking – This can be a hard one to diagnose because of the variety of issues that cause it. Arthritis, TMD, or gingivitis are all candidates. Modern Botox techniques can help solve some of these problems along with other innovative dental techniques.  

Broken or Cracked Teeth – Grinding or brittle teeth can cause a crack or broken tooth. You may not see it all of the time, but you'll feel it. Pain while chewing is a sign of this problem.

Many dental problems can be either solved immediately or prevented if caught at a 6-month checkup and with proper dental care. Staying on top of your dental health will not only save you time and money but also lots of discomfort and pain. If you don’t have a 6-month checkup scheduled, make sure to take the time to do that now and if you are experiencing any of these problems, please contact us so we can help solve your pain.



Dr. John Olsen

Dr. John Olsen

For over 24 years, Dr. John has been successfully restoring the smiles and improving the lives of people in the Milwaukee area with his expert knowledge and attention to detail.

Dr. John strives for excellence and holds a number of impressive titles including:

  • Diplomat in the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI)

  • Mastership in Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) & Regional Director

  • Induction into the International College of Dentists

  • Certified with American Academy of Facial Esthetics (AAFE)


He frequently is invited to speak and teach workshops around the country to help spread his expert knowledge in the dental fields. Additionally, he regularly attends trainings and workshops to continue his own education.


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